Enlightened Wealth Institute
and Robert G. Allen

The Enlightened Wealth Institute is a training program designed to teach students how to make money in the areas of real estate, internet, stocks and infopreneuring. Founded back in 2004, the Enlightened Wealth Institute was created on the belief that once you receive, it's just as important to give back. That's been the motto at EWI ever since. "Learn to Earn. Earn to Return"

We pride ourselves, here at the Enlightened Wealth Institute, in the success of our students. Our students have reported over $1 billion in profits and have given an outstanding $31 million to charity. For the latest earnings, updates and success stories, you can visit Millionaire Hall of Fame.

Such tremendous success from our Enlightened Wealth students is because they took ACTION. Although they train from millionaire mentors like Robert G. Allen, Jeff Schnitter, Bill Barnett, John and JJ Childers, Dr. Steven Cooper, Marshall Sylver, Kurt Mortensen, Mark Hornburger and more, they are successful because they did something.

On behalf of the Enlightened Wealth Institute we want to congratulate the 271 millionaires created and many more to come. We know it's not an easy process. It takes time, hard work and determination, however, the end results speak for themselves. Listen to some of our most successful EWI students.

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