Generate Multiple Streams of Internet Income Marketing Online

Dear Friend-

I've got some good news and I've got some bad news.

First, the good news.

If you're like the average person, earning at least $25,000 a year, then, in your lifetime over a million dollars will flow through your fingers. That's a lot of money. In other words, you're a lifetime millionaire.

Now, for the bad news. If you're like most people, you'll spend it all, and, after a lifetime of earning, will end up with almost nothing.

How can that be?

Frankly, nobody teaches us about money. We receive no formal education in the most critical of all life skills--how to become financially successful. Did you ever attend a class in all of your public education entitled, "Money 101?" Why isn't there such a mandatory class in every elementary school?

How have you learned what you know about money? You picked it up, a piece here....a tip there. You absorbed attitudes from your parents, from the media. You observed the examples of friends. You proceeded through trial and error....the school of hard knocks. What you learned was haphazard, mostly wrong, certainly out of context. Most of the books you read about the subject probably overwhelmed you with details or bored you with useless facts. If you're like most, you're confused and frustrated.

Yet, money is one of the most important subjects of your entire life. Some of life's greatest enjoyments and most of life's greatest disappointments stem from your decisions about money. Whether you experience great peace of mind or constant anxiety will depend on getting your finances under control. Your relationships will be greatly affected. 90% of all divorces in our society result from disagreements about money. Understanding money--how to make it and keep it-- is absolutely essential to your life, to your relationships, to your happiness, to your future.

Still, there are some people who seem to be naturally good at managing money. The same million dollars flows through their fingers, and, they seem to know how to keep some it and even make it grow. In some cases, a hundred fold more than the average person.

Do these people work 100 times harder? Are they 100 times smarter? Of course not. They just know how to play the game. You see, money is a game. A very important game. If you know the rules, you win. If you don't know the rules, you lose. As someone said,

"Wealth is when small efforts produce big results.

Poverty is when big efforts produce small results."

In this book, you will finally learn how to play the money game...and win. If you follow these simple strategies, you can retire a multi-millionaire...while enjoying a banquet of prosperity throughout your life. You will learn a simple system for controlling your finances. You will learn how to invest your surplus funds without losing sleep at night. You will learn how to create multiple streams of lifetime income. You will learn how to oversee your growing financial empire on as little as ten minutes a day. You will learn how to leave a financially secure future to your family and loved ones.

You may wonder how I quality to be your instructor.

I started myself in the seventies, perhaps just like you, with a dream of becoming financially independent. After graduating with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Brigham Young University in 1974, I began investing in small real estate investments and parlayed a tiny nest egg into a large multi-million dollar net worth in a few short years. Along the way, I also suffered my share of setbacks. I've not only made millions but lost millions....and made them back again. I know from the school of hard knocks what works and what doesn't.

I shared my powerful systems in the #1 New York Times bestseller, Nothing Down: How to buy Real Estate with little or no money down. This book became the all time real estate investment classic used by beginning investors ever since.

I also wrote two other major bestsellers, the #1 New York Times Bestseller, Creating Wealth, and The Challenge. In promoting this last book I made the bold statement:

"Send me to any unemployment line. Let me select someone who is out of work and discouraged. In two days time, I'll teach them the secrets of success and in 90 days they'll be back on their feet with $5,000 cash in the bank, never to set foot in an unemployment line again!"

The Challenge is the true story of how I selected 3 people from the unemployment lines of St. Louis, Missouri and taught them the secrets of financial success......and, yes, they were able to achieve incredible success in 90 days. One of the couples went on to earn over $100,000 in the next 12 months. To celebrate, I took them on Good Morning America with me.

What I am about to share with you is the result of having worked with thousands of successful people over two full decades. I have seen people go from living on the streets to living in mansions....from driving a taxi to being driven in limousines.

Although my most famous book is about real estate investing, this book will show you how to create wealth in many different waysÓfrom multiple sources. Actually, there are three great wealth creation mountains. I call them Money Mountains. Each mountain is distinct from the others, and yet, each share similar characteristics. The mountains are: the Investment Mountain, the Real Estate Mountain and the Marketing Mountain.

From this mountain range of Money Mountains, there are at least 9 separate and distinct streams of income flowing into your growing reservoir of wealth. Each stream was carefully chosen using a formula I use call the Money Tree Formula. In this book, I will teach you the 9 characteristics of the ideal stream of income. Then, I will teach you exactly how to profit from each of these streams. The goal is for you to add at least one new stream of income to your life each year. Eventually, these streams will overflow your life with prosperity and freedom.

The first question people usually ask at this point is, "Why Multiple Streams?"

The Wisdom of Multiple Streams of income.

How many streams of income did it take in the 1950's for a family to survive? One. Today, very few families can survive on less than two streams of income. And that won't be enough in the future. It's a volatile future. You'd be wise to have multiple streams of income flowing into your life.

Prosperous people have always known this. If one stream dries up, they have many more to support them. Ordinary people are much more vulnerable. If they lose one of their streams, it wipes them out. And it takes them years to recover.

In the future, people will need a portfolio of income streams -- not one or two -- but many streams from completely different and diversified sources. So that if one streams goes, you barely feel the bump. You're stable. You have time to adjust. You're safe.

Do you have multiple streams of income flowing into your life at this time? Maybe it's time to add another one.

The Power of Residual Streams of Income

So let's assume that you've decided to add another stream of income to your life. You could always get another part time job, but that's not the kind of income I'm talking about. You certainly don't want to get stuck on somebody else's treadmill. You want the kind of streams that you can own.

I'm talking about residual income. That's a fancy term for a "recurring" stream of income that continues to flow whether you're there or not. I've heard too many small business owners say, "I haven't taken a vacation in 5 years." There's something wrong with that picture. I don't have anything against hard work. But after a few short years of hard work, you should be free to have your streams of income forwarded to your mailbox in Tahiti. Get the picture?

Two Types of Streams: Linear and Residual

Not all streams of income are created equal. Some streams are linear, and some are residual. Here's the question that tells you whether your income streams are linear or residual:

"How many times to you get paid for every hour you work?"

If you answered, "only once," then your income is linear. Income streams from a salary are linear. You only get paid once for your effort. And when you don't show up for work, neither does your paycheck.

With residual income you work hard once, and it unleashes a steady flow of income for months or even years. You get paid over and over again for the same effort. Wouldn't it be nice to be compensated hundreds of times for every hour you work?

For example, as I mentioned earlier, I published a book in 1980 called Nothing Down: How to Buy Real Estate with Little or No Money Down . I put in over 1,000 hours of hard work writing Nothing Down before I earned a single penny. Teenagers working at McDonald's earned more than me. But, I wasn't looking for a salary. I wanted a royalty. So I was willing to sacrifice. It took over two years before the money started to flow. But it was worth the wait. I've now earned millions of dollars in royalties. And every six months I still get nice royalty checks. That's the power of residual incomeS?it keeps flowing and flowing and flowing.

Here's another example. Have you seen that tiny battery tester on the Duracell battery? I'm told that the inventor presented his idea to the big battery companies. Most turned him down, but Duracell saw the genius of it and agreed to pay just a few pennies per battery pack for his idea. And now he makes millions, because those residual pennies add up. In essence, he invested many hours of his time to create the concept, to package it and then to sell it. And now it generates a raging river of residual riches to him and his family. And the best part about it - HE DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THERE! It flows without him.

Linear vs. Residual. Do you see the difference?

The secret of the wealthy is not that they have more money but that they have more TIME freedom. Because many of their streams are residual, they have time to spend on anything they want.

When you view people's lives through the filter of residual income, many groups of people aren't as wealthy as they appear. Doctors and dentists don't earn residual income from their labors. Their income potential is capped. They can only see a fixed number of patients in a day. And they have to be there for every single one of them. That's linear.

The same holds true for top sales people, chiropractors and attorneys. Most of them don't enjoy the power of residual income either. They may appear to be rich but they're on a treadmill just like the rest of us.

What percentage of your income is residual? If you're smart you'll start shifting your income streams from linear to residual. This will give you the time freedom to do what you want when you want. And that starts with turning on at least one new residual stream this year.

There are many, exciting new ways of creating residual income

Do you know who Warren Buffet is? He's the smartest stock picker in history and the wealthiest investor in the world with a net worth in the tens of billions. What if Warren Buffet himself were to call you on the phone and give you a hot stock tip. He tells you to sink every penny into a certain stock. He says that he's invested a couple of hundred million of his own money and he feels the stock is a sure bet to double or triple in value. What would you say to him? "Sorry Warren but I like to pick my own stocks by throwing darts at the Wall Street Journal!" Would you listen to the master or continue to do things your own way?

Well, I'm no Warren Buffet, but through my books and seminars I've probably helped to create more millionaires than he has. If I were to guess, it's probably in the thousands of millionaires. And each of my newsletters will feature all of my "hot streams" for the new millennium.

It's where I've sunk a huge amount of my own time and effort. What I am about to share with you are the best opportunities I've seen in 20 years. They are certain to create many residual millionaires in the next 10 years. You could be one of them.

Imagine making money in your sleep. Imagine waking up richer every morning than when went to bed the night before. Imagine receiving streams of money from people all over the world. Imagine a business that operates on automatic pilot whether you show up or not. Imagine low overhead and high profits. Imagine operating your business from exotic worldwide locations from a cell phone on the beach in Tahiti or from your laptop in a restaurant atop the Eiffel Tower. If you can imagine these things, you can achieve them using the vehicle of the Internet.

I'm so excited to be sharing this information with you. I know that if you follow the strategies and techniques in this training course, you will be well on your way to Internet Riches and a Lifestyle that will be envied by almost everyone you meet.


With that in mind, let's design a way to make the most amount of money in the least amount of time leading to the greatest amount of freedom. Agreed?

In this report I want to EMPOWER YOU with multiple ways for the average "non techy" person to earn serious amounts of income from the Internet. This is 24/7/365 money...the kind of income that most people only dream about. And it can happen FAST.

How fast? In testing the ideas for my latest book, "Multiple Streams of Internet Income", I was able to generate almost $100,000 cash in only 24 hours. How did I do it? By using only one of my 7 powerful methods for making serious money on the Internet.

I also want you to AVOID the PITFALLS of the internet. Frankly, too many people jump onto the Net hoping for FIND FORTUNES. They launch a web page and expect the money to start pouring in. It doesn't work that way.

According to Scientific American another million pages of information are being added EVERY SINGLE DAY. Swirling in this blizzard of data is your web site. The more popular the web becomes, the harder it will be for people to find you.

Hiring someone to build you an eye-popping web site is not the answer. This is not the Field of Dreams: If you build it "they won't come" not unless you give them a darn good reason. You need to view the internet as just another marketing medium like radio or T.V. with the advantage of instant interactivity. Once you understand this, then you can use this incredible communication tool to deliver your marketing message faster, cheaper and easier to larger and larger numbers of upscale consumers. How will your web site stand out? How can you assure your online success?

Your Web page is the portal through which you will attract multiple streams of income into your life. Some of these streams will be gushers. Some of them will be tiny rivulets-mere trickles of cash flow.

What makes these income streams possible is a steady stream of people. No people, no money. What I said in my previous book about the Internet is truer than ever:

If you want to make money on the Net, having your own Web page is just the beginning. It's like having a billboard in the middle of the Nevada desert...if nobody sees it, it's as if it doesn't exist. It's worthless.

If the three key passwords in real estate are location, location, location, then on the Internet, they're traffic, traffic, traffic. Your most important task is to drive traffic to your site. If you have no traffic, your site has no value. I repeat: A Web page is nothing. Traffic is everything. By traffic, I mean visits by people. The more visits, the more valuable your space.

Think of it this way: Before Las Vegas became the "hot spot" it was nothing but a few lonely buildings in the middle of the desert. Along came gambling and attracted a few people. The casinos needed to attract people, so they added famous entertainers and glitzy dancing girls. Traffic increased. They offered cheap airfares and inexpensive food. Traffic increased even more. They staged major boxing bouts, and people flew in from all over the world. Traffic increased again. They added attractions for kids and families. Traffic exploded. With traffic flowing (people circulating) throughout the city, everything else in the city became more valuable...the commercial street corners, the office space, the restaurants, the retails stores. Newspaper ads, magazine space, billboards, television and radio spots-all increased in value. However, if the traffic were to stop flowing, the buildings would stand empty, the stores would have no customers, the population would leave. It would become a ghost town.

Your website is like an imaginary city in the middle of the desert. If you can attract people to it--traffic--and encourage them to come back again and again and bring their friends, then everything on your site will increase dramatically in value. You own all the real estate--the digital property. You own the commercial corners, the malls and shopping centers, the residential apartment buildings. You own the television stations, the radio stations, the newspapers, and all the billboards on every street corner. Without traffic, all of these assets are worthless. With traffic, you can rent these assets for a fortune! Its' all about traffice.

Think of your website as a convenience store. Joe customer walks in with the sole purpose of buying a gallon of milk. On his way to the coolers, he grabs a box of donuts. At the cooler, he remembers that he also needs some oragne juice. Walking back toward the cash register, he spots some batteries. At the cash register, he adds some breath mints. He came in to buy one thing and leaves with five items. These impulse buys make up a large percentage of the profit of that store.

Don't forget the main purpose of your site! All of the traffic-generating activities have on purpose in mind-to entice your visitors to sign your guest book and give you permission to contact them again. If you don't accomplish this simple goal, you have failed to build up an asset that will generate your prime source of long term wealth. I know you want to mamke money now, but before you sign up for a hundred affiliate programs, stop and make sure you have accomplished your most important task. By gathering their e-mail address, you have introduced potential customers into your "Maybe Lake"-a reservoir of interested-but-not-yet-committed customers.

Once you have obtained permission, you should send an immediate autoresponder e-mail congratulating your prospects on their wise decision and rewarding them with special goodies for reading your first message to them. I call this an ethical bribe. You are rewarding them for granting you permission to contact them. In other words, you are paying them for paying attention.

In addition to gathering the e-mail address of every visitor to your site, let's explore the many ways you can introduce your Web visitors to leave money. There are at least six main streams of income.

Online Stream #1 Your Main Product or Service
Online Stream #2 Affiliate Programs
Online Stream #3 Opening a Bookstore
Online Stream #4 Advertising to Eyeballs
Online Stream #5 Selling Picks and Shovels
Online Stream #6 Treasure Hunting with Auctions

These six ways of creating cash flow will take time, effort, and investment to incorporate into your Web site, but they could become powerful ways of creating multiple streams of income for you. In the following chapters we will explore each in more detail with the goal of not just learning what to do but actually doing it.

Profit Center 1: The Main Product of Your Site

After you have gleaned permission to continue to communicate with your prospects, the next most important task is to satisfy their primary reason for visiting. Something in your advertisement attracted them. They're interrested in your offerings. During this very first visit, you may have only three clicks worth of time to convince your curious stragers to linger long enough to find something they want.

You should design a first time buyers reward-a package of incentives that tip the scales toward yes rather than a no. Let's use the example of discount airplane tickets. If all tickets are priced the same, I'll go for the one that gives me the extra discount.

What can you come up with that differentiates you from all other options? Could it be a gift certificate for a book or some valuable premium? Could it be a coupon for a huge discount on a future order? Could it be frequent flyer miles? Could it be a bundle of free reports? Could it be placing your customers name in a monthly raffle to win one of your catalog items? Could it be a telephone consultation with you about the customer's area of interest? Could it be free placement of a classified ad in your newsletter or on your Web site?

If possible, try to make the value of your first time buyer's gift equal to or greater than the value of many of the items in your catalog. Remember, if you treat customers right, they will be back again and again...with an increasing volume of purchases. You need to invest in your customers so they'll invest in you.

And that brings us to the second stream of online cash flow from your Web site.

Profit Center 2: Joining Affiliate Programs

The Web is teeming with affiliate programs, the most famous of which is The link has been added to hundreds of thousands of Web pages all across the Internet. Each of these links represents a minipartnership between the site owner and The host site ( agrees to pay the referring site (you) a small fee to provide a link on your site to If someone clicks on the link on your site and ends up purchasing anything, you will receive a (linear or one time) commission for that referral. There are now hundreds of thousands of satellite partners who have an ongoing self-interest in the continuing success of the mother ship.

I start with as an example because this strategy is one of the prime reasons for it's incredible growth in gross revenues. The more affiliates the host site has, the better for spreading the message.

Copying this successful strategy are thousands of other businesses marketing a myriad of products, all of which are trying to accomplish the same gaol: increased traffic and thus increased business. Eventually, you, too, will want your own affiliate program to market your own products through hundreds or thousands of partnering sites. But before you launch your own affiliate program, you need to experience what it is like to participate in several affiliate programs.

Online Affiliate Programs versus Traditional Network Marketing Programs

Similar to affiliate programs are network marketing opportunities. They operate on the same model--a referral fee for steering someone to an existing business. But network marketing has more complicated compensation plans that reward you more extensively for the efforts of people recruited into your organization. Because of this extra layer of complexity and the extra effort required to build and maintain a growing downline, I highly recommend that you participate in only a single, excellent network marketing opportunity.

Both affiliate programs and network marketing companies base their existence on the concept of rewarding people for their positive word of mouth advertising.

Have you ever been to a great movie or a great restaurant and told a friend? That's called word of mouth advertising. Businesses love word of mouth advertising because it's more effective than all the money they spend on any other form of advertising, promotion, or marketing. Network marketing is a way for businesses to leverage the power of word of mouth advertising.

Let me give you a hypothetical example. Supppose you recommend a great restaurant to your sister. Let's call it Chez Bob. Your sister and her husband make a reservation for dinner, and during the meal, the waiter asks them how they heard about Chez Bob. They mention your name. How would you feel if the owner of the restaurant sent you a thank-you letter and a coupon for a free meal in appreciation for your recommendation, Chez Bob has gained a new long term customer. This customer didn't come as a result of the yellow pages ad or a radio and newspaper campaign. Therefore, he wants to reward you for his new word-of-mouth customer. Any time your sister visits his restaurant in the future, he will send you a check for 10 percent of the value of the meal as a continuining thank-you.

Sure enough, every several months you receive a small thank you check. You're so impressed that you encourage others to visit Chez Bob. This generates more free meal coupons plus more 10 percent work of mouth checks. After a year, you are receiving several small checks a month. After several years, you've helped create dozens of monthly customers that generate hundreds of dollars of extra, no hassle income to you. That would be nice, wouldn't it?

This is the theory behind network marketing, as it is now called. I prefer to call it relationship marketing because it is as a result of the relationship that word of mouth advertising derives its power.

Businesses these days spend up to 50 percent of the price of their goods for advertising and marketing expenses. Instead of sending these advertising dollars to wealthy newspapers, magazines, and television stations, several smart businesses have begun to share this money with their best customers. Every time one of their best customers influences someone to buy products or services, they send this loyal customer a check as a sort of referral fee.

Eventually, these residual income streams flowing from dozens, hundreds, thousands, evne tens of thousands of customers can become substantial (as in my personal case). But, as I said earlier, it takes time, dedication, and commitment to build a substantial network marketing income streams, so I recommend that you choose only one network marketing opportunity and focus on it until you are successful. While I know of many who earn income from a variety of associate programs, I know of no one who has successfully built and maintained more than one network marketing business simultaneously. In other words, pick a company and stick with it.

Affiliate programs are all over the Internet. If you visit almost any online e-commerce Web site that sells products, you will often see a link to "Join the affiliate program" or "Earn cash" button. Your challenge as an Internet Marketer isn't going to be a shortage of affiliate programs, rather, finding the right ones! In our Special Report: How to Select the Right Affiliate Program, you will learn a simple system for quickly sifting through the tens of thousands of affiliate programs and zero in on legitimate income opportunities.

Profit Center 3: Opening Your Own Business

No matter what your product is, you are ultimately in the education business. Your customers need to be constantly educated about the many advantages of doing business with you, trained to use your products more effectively, and taught how to make never-ending improvement in their lives. Each of your regular e-mail newsletters should be designed to continue the education process. Therefore, each e-zine becomes content that goes into your archives. Each detailed question you answer in your e-mail becomes a template for the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of your site. Eventually, the content from your FAQs and e-zines will end up as a series of special reports (which can be combined into a full-length book), which you can either sell or offer as a premium bonus in your marketing efforts.

What should you offer in your bookstore? The following four major items:

1. Your own special reports
2. Your own books
3. Resource materials form joint-venture partners
4. Your own selection of traditionally published books

The fastest way to stock your bookstore with books is to become affiliated with a major online bookstore. You can display on your site your own private selection of books that pertain to your industry or product line. It stands to reason that if a person is interested in your product line, he or she should also be interested in any related information. Why not profit from this special interest? The disadvantage to this approach is that (1) profits earned from these minor sales will be minimal and (2) it drives traffic away from your site, perhaps never to return. A more profitable alternative is to research self-published authors online who have created information content that would be suitable for your visitors and arrange to buy their information products on consignment. The price you can charge for such content is generally higher, with correspondingly higher profit margins, and you don't have to lose the traffic to

Of course, the highest profit margins are for information products that you create yourself, such as books and special reports. If you plan carefully, a series of special reports can actually be organized into a full-length book.

Dr. Jeffrey Lant, in his impressive book, How to Make a Whole Lot More than $1,000,000 Writing, Commissioning, Publishing and Selling "How-To" Information, reveals that one of his most powerful profit centers is the creation of five-page special reports. He sells each special report for $6. In the back of his book he lists over 100 of these special reportsÓand I defy you to read through the list and not end up wanting a half dozen for yourself.

What is so incredible about these reports is that they can be created from recycled material such as your FAQs and newsletter articles, thus providing an ongoing cash infusion to your business. Here is what Lant says about profitability.

Special Reports are very profitable. Because people tend to buy in multiples of three, Special Reports have become a very important profit center for me. No wonder. Consider the cost. Direct costs include the value of my time in creating them (which may mean recycling material form other sources) or getting other specialists to create them for meÓ.Factoring all expenses, including postage, the individual Special Report costs about 45 cents to produce. I sell them for $6 without any problem.

Lant boasts that he created 24 to 28 of these five-page special reports per year. Each report is personally individualized with the purchaser's name and current date. Another benefit of creating these special reports is the publicity value.

These special reports can become the basis of your PR campaign. Submit them as is to newspapers, magazines, and e-zines to help spread your message. Each special report should include a resource box at the end, with details about how to reach you for more information. Your special report becomes a sophisticated marketing vehicle. In time, your resource center can become one of the most profitable profit centers on your entire site.

Now for the next source of site cash.

Profit Center 4: Advertising

In an analogy, I described how Las Vegas was converted from a desert ghost town into a thriving metropolis because of the traffic flowing through it. Where there is traffic (i.e. eyeballs), there is the potential to rent this traffic to other businesses. People want to rent these eyeballs, and other businesses will pay you up front for that privilege. The downside is that these eyeballs may be siphoned off to another part of the online universe, never t return. Of course, your eyeball asset has no value until you have enough eyeballs to make a difference to someone. But with the future in mind, let's explore at least four ways to profit from advertising.

First let's start with an important policy: Never rent, give, trade, or sell your e-mail names to anyone. Never. Period. And state this in your e-mail acquisition policy. In the offline world, renting a mailing list can be a juicy source of extra revenue. But online, the aversion to Spam is so intense that you need to make a decision never to violate the goodwill of your "fish in training." This doesn't mean that you can't include a paid ad or two in your periodic newsletter.

Four Ways to Generate Advertising Revenues

1. Selling, renting, or trading banner ads on your Web site.
2. Selling, renting, or trading classified as space on your Web site.
3. Selling, renting, or trading links from your site to another site.
4. Selling, renting, or trading advertising messages in your periodic e-zines.

Profit Center 5: Selling Picks and Shovels

The fifth major way to earn income from your site is to profit from other people who are coming online. It has been widely reported that the only people who made any lasting money in the California and Alaska gold rushes were the people who supplied the picks and shovels and auxiliary services to the miners themselves. Surviving to this day is one of the most famous "pick-and-shovel coups," Levi's jeans. It's instructive to note that Levi's are the only type of clothing created in the nineteenth century that is still being worn today.

Hundreds of millions of new Net-preneurs will join the online gold rush I the next decade. As in previous gold rushes, the majority will be disappointed in their prospecting. Not because there isn't gold in them thar hills but because these prospectors simply don't know how to go about finding it. That's where you come in. You can provide the picks and shovels for them.

What are the picks and shovels of the Internet?

01. Web-hosting services
02. Web site design and consultation
03. Marketing advice
04. Traffic
05. Education and Training
06. Advertising services
07. Affiliate programs to help new businesses get started
08. Computer hardware
09. Computer software
10. Credit card services

And many more. Just think of the kind of products, services, and information that it took and continues to take for you to get up to speed in your online business. You can provide the products, services, and answers to hundreds if not thousands of prospective miners. Why not profit from your education in the school of hard knocks?

Profit Center 6: Establishing Your Own Auction

Have you ever bought something at an auction? What is there about auctions that is so seductive? Answer: It is a perfect formula for creating a feeding frenzy.

Popularity + Scarcity + Urgency + Curiosity = Feeding Frenzy

The auction model applied to the Internet is one of those rare business ideas that looks, in retrospect, to be a stroke of pure genius: When millions of people focus on a single item for a limited time frame, those who wouldn't even consider buying such an item in an ordinary department store fight with total strangers to outbid each other over the Internet.

Why shouldn't you participate? Don't you have some stuff in your possession or in your business inventory that would be perfect for an auction? Here are the three major benefits of setting up your own auction:

1. It can generate extra income for you
2. It's a great way to advertise your Web site and expose more people to your ongoing business
3. It's the hip thing to do

Follow your intuition, do what you feel is right, and lets go to work!!!

This could be your chance at Financial Freedom!

Massive Success,

Robert G. Allen
Multiple Streams of Income