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Gold has been an interesting topic as of late simply because of gold prices. So how did we get here one might ask? At one point in time, gold reserves backed the dollar, meaning that whenever a dollar bill was printed, there was enough gold to back it. In 1944, gold was hovering around $35 an oz. all the way up until 1971. Nixon made it so that our dollar was no longer backed by gold reserves. We could print money "on demand" now because it is no longer backed by gold and in so doing natuarally causes gold to go up in price. The scarey part is that in the last 4 years, we've printed so much money that gold will rise... it has to. Some are projecting outrageous numbers but it's all speculation. No one knows how high it will rise, all we know is that it will rise.

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Since gold is "buzzing" right now, Preston Ely saw an opportunity to share with the public how to buy gold cheaper than what it's spot price is. He has always encouraged gold buying "big time" because of what is happening right now with our money system. The challenging part is that most people can't afford tons of gold right now because the price is so high and it's not getting any cheaper. So he partnered with a gold buying expert who has bought, sold and made millions buying and selling gold and silver. His name is Matt Wallace and believe it or not, Matt is only 24 years old.

Preston Ely Gold Rush 2012Preston and Matt came out with Gold Rush 2012 and it's been a great product. There's been a ton of great feedback and excitement. The course goes into great detail how anyone can start with a few bucks and turn it into thousands. There are 6 video lessons that teach you the different aspects of the business. Matt Wallace Gold Rush 2012

    Lesson 1: Why Gold Now?
    Lesson 2: Testing, Weighing, Determining Value
    Lesson 3: Marketing Secrets
    Lesson 4: Flipping and Getting Paid
    Lesson 5: Mistakes and Pitfalls
    Lesson 6: Taking it to the Next Level

The members area is a great place to hang out. Matt actually answers all the questions pertaining to buying and selling gold which is pretty cool and a great feature. He also shows you exactly what tools he is using and how to use it. So if you're looking for a great training to either make some extra cash or increase your awareness about gold and silver, this is a great program.

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What kind of Gold or Silver should I buy or stay away from.

There is a lot of counterfeit Gold and Silver going around because the prices for these precious metals have skyrocketed in the past decade. Just use a lot of common sense. Stick with trusted names like Silvertowne, Engelhard, Northwest Territorial Mint is usually pretty good. Most people don't have gold bricks. It is more common to see sliver bars, however, when you see a 100 oz. bar of silver for $1000, it just doesn't make sense. Stick with the common things. Coins. Even then you have to be careful. Stay away from anything that has the name Chinese in it or from China. Stay away from anything that says 100 mills, 500 mills, etc. it's basically gold plated copper and therefore not real or not worth much. Be careful when something says “grains”, it's a lot different than grams.

Should I limit myself to just Gold?

Although gold is a great investment and should be a precious metal you keep around or works towards getting several oz. worth, the challenge is that it costs so much and you shouldn't limit yourself to just buying gold. Silver on the other hand is also a great investment. It doesn't cost as much and it's just as easy to obtain as gold. 1 oz. of silver (at least right now) is going for $28.00 compared to 1 oz. of gold that is going for approx. $1600.00. That is a big difference. It almost hit a record high of $2000 in September 2011. It's also a little easier dealing with silver because the prices are not so high and they are easier to trade which makes them a more common bartering tool.

How to test gold or silver using an electronic gold tester

Depending on the electronic gold testing mechanism the process may be different. Although these testing devices are much more accurate, easy and are less destructive, they are also much more costly. Basically these electronic devices will test the karat purity of the gold and you will be able to see the results very quickly compared to that of an acid test. They are also much more accurate than the acid test so your customers will feel better about the deal you give them. They can also detect gold plating which is sometimes hard to detect with the acid test so it's beneficial for you. Most of these units will detect anything from 6 karats up to 24 karats. Most will have a touch pen with a probe on the end or a test plate that you touch or attach to the gold piece and immediately displays the karat purity on the screen. Some contain gels, while others do not. There are several on Amazon you can purchase and read the reviews as well to see which one will fit your needs the best.